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Laurel Falls in Spring I

Laurel Falls, a 55 foot tall waterfall located in Hampton, TN, can be found off the Appalachian Trail within the Laurel Fork Gorge.

Laurel Fork in Spring I

A long exposure shot of the Laurel Fork that runs through Hampton, TN along the Appalachian Trail and which feeds the 55′ Laurel Falls.

Laurel Falls in Autumn III

Another capture from my November visit to the approximately 55 foot Laurel Falls, off the Appalachian Trail, in Hampton, TN via the Dennis Cove trailhead.

Laurel Falls in Autumn II

Laurel Falls, which stands approximately at 55 feet, can be found within the Laurel Fork Gorge off of the Appalachian Trail in Hampton, TN.

Laurel Falls in Autumn #1

Located in Hampton, TN, the 55 foot Laurel Falls can be found within the Laurel Fork Gorge off of the Appalachian Trail.

The Smokies from Roan Mountain II

From atop Round Bald at Roan Mountain in Tennessee/North Carolina, hikers are presented with a spectacular view of the The Smoky Mountains.

The Smokies from Roan Mountain I

The view of the Smoky Mountains from the Round Bald peak, an elevation of 5,826 feet, atop Roan Mountain in Tennessee.

Laurel Falls #1

This long exposure photograph is of a set of waterfalls known as Laurel Falls. Located in Hampton, TN this waterfall is also known as Laurel Fork Falls and measures 55 feet.

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