The Smokies from Roan Mountain I

The view of the Smoky Mountains from the Round Bald peak, an elevation of 5,826 feet, atop Roan Mountain in Tennessee.

Fresh Snow

Blue skies and new fallen snow covering the trees after a minor snow storm in early March in upstate New York.

Waterfront After the Storm

Kingston’s historic waterfront district, also known as The Rondout, after a March snowstorm. The district sits on the shores of the Rondout Creek.

Ship on the Hudson

A long distance shot of a tanker sailing South on the Hudson River. This photo was taken from the ridge at Scenic Hudson’s Shaupeneak Ridge in Esopus, NY.

Esopus Lighthouse in December

The Esopus Lighthouse, also nicknamed the “Maid of the Meadows”, on a December morning as seen from Scenic Hudson’s Esopus Meadows Preserve.

Signs in December

The signs at Scenic Hudson’s Esopus Meadows Preserve marking the miles to towns and cities in New York on a cloudy December afternoon.

Winter Shadows

The shadows of trees stretching across a frozen Lake Louisa at Scenic Hudson’s Shaupeneak Ridge Park in Esopus, NY.

Skytop Tower in December

The Skytop Tower at Mohonk Mountain House, which was built in 1921 as a memorial for Albert Smiley, as seen from Butterville Rd. in New Paltz, NY on a mid-December morning.

Esopus Lighthouse in Early December

I took this photo of the Esopus Lighthouse on December 1st, a day after receiving my new Canon EOS 70D and 18-135mm lens. It had been raining the day before so I was looking forward to trying out my new camera…

Shawangunk Ridge in December

The Shawangunk Ridge, which is also known as The Gunks or the Shawangunk Mountains, in New Paltz, NY on a December morning.