Pets & Wildlife

A photo of a garter snake curled up in a garden.

Garden Snake

A garter snake that has made a home for itself in my vegetable garden in Esopus, NY.

A photo of a Great Blue Heron wading in the waters along the shore of the Hudson River.

Great Blue Heron on the Hudson

While at the Hudson River to capture shots of the Esopus Lighthouse, I came across this Great Blue Heron fishing along the shore.

Friendly Duck

Friendly Duck

A mallard duck at the Covered Bridge Park in Elizabethton, Tennessee who didn’t seem to mind us humans.

A Cat Named 'Kitty'

A Cat Named ‘Kitty’

A photo of my resident tomcat, creatively named ‘Kitty’, who is a fixed feral cat that I’ve been working on taming over the past few years.

Cardinal in the Snow

A female Northern Cardinal, also known as a common cardinal, perched on a branch during a snow storm in mid February.

Perching European Starling

A photograph of a European Starling, also known as a Common Starling, perching on top of a pole in Spring in Ulster Park, NY.

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