Flowers & Plants

Spring Water Lily

Spring Water Lily

This photo of a water lily was taken at the garden fountain at the Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site in Hyde Park, NY.

Spring Trillium

Spring Trillium

A garden trillium in full bloom on a Spring day. Trillium are a perennial flowering plant that are native to the temperate regions of North America and Asia.

Mother's Day Rose

Mother’s Day Rose

Just a close-up of a rose for Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

Lawn Mushroom

An evening photograph of a solitary mushroom growing in my lawn after all of the spring rain we’ve received.

Crocus In Bloom #2

Crocus In Bloom #2

A crocus plant in nearly full bloom at the end of Winter in 2016. The crocus plant is a perennial of the genus of flowering plants in the iris family.

Crocus in Spring 2017 II

This is a top-down macro shot of one of the crocus plants that blooms yearly on the edge of my driveway that I took back in early April.

White Crocus in Spring

A white crocus in full bloom on an April afternoon in Ulster Park.

Crocus in Spring 2017 I

The crocus plants that bloom in my driveway, year in and year out, are always a sure sign that Spring is truly on its way.

Snow Covered Reed

Snow covering a reed, an invasive species also known as phragmite or common reed grass, after a winter snowfall in Esopus, NY.

Marigold in Winter

A marigold blooming in winter to help brighten the day for those of us who are stuck in a massive snowstorm here in the Northeast region of the United States. This photo was taken with a Canon EOS 70D at 102mm.

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