Awosting Falls in July IV

This long exposure photo includes the Peters Kill in the foreground and the 60 ft tall Awosting Falls in the background.

Mini Falls on the Peterskill I

A set of small waterfalls on the Peterskill as it meanders through the Minnewaska State Park Preserve in Kerhonkson, NY on a late July morning.

Awosting Falls in July III

One of the highlights of Minnewaska State Park Preserve, a 22,275 acre preserve located in Kerhonkson, NY, is Awosting Falls.

Awosting Falls in July II

Accessed via the Awosting Falls Carriage Trail at Minnewaska State Park Preserve, the nearly 60 foot tall Awosting Falls is fed by the Peters Kill creek.

Awosting Falls in July I

Standing at nearly 60 ft, Awosting Falls at Minnewaska State Park empties into a wide pool that is fed by the Peters Kill creek.

Blue Hole in Spring 2017 II

Another long exposure photo from my trip in April of the upper waterfall at The Blue Hole located within the Cherokee National Forest in Elizabethton, TN.

Sunny Spring Morning at Gomez Mill

I paid a visit to Gomez Mill in Marlboro yesterday morning. The full sun, which wasn’t called for, made shooting a long exposure difficult but possible.

Black Creek in Autumn #1 (2015)

A photo of several of the waterfalls found at Black Creek within the Black Creek State Forest on an October morning in West Park, NY.

Blue Hole in Spring 2017 I

This long exposure photo is of the upper waterfall at The Blue Hole located within the Cherokee National Forest in Carter County, Elizabethton, TN.

Cold Spring Morning at Kaaterskill Falls II

This black & white photo is another long exposure shot from my trip to Kaaterskill Falls, a 2-stage 260 foot waterfall, on a chilly Spring morning in April.

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