July Golden Hour at Esopus Light

After a rather drab July sunrise at Charles Rider Park, I took a trip to Lighthouse Park to capture the Esopus Lighthouse during the golden hour of sunrise.

September Dawn on the Hudson

I went out hoping to catch a late Summer sunrise and, while there wasn’t much of a sunrise, the fog coming off the river more than made up for it. This shot of the Esopus Lighthouse was captured from the shores of the Hudson River at Esopus Meadows Preserve in Ulster Park, NY. This photo […]

Foggy August Morning at Esopus Light

A capture of the Esopus Meadows Lighthouse on the Hudson River on a foggy, August morning at Esopus Meadows Preserve in Ulster Park, NY.

August Dawn at Esopus Light III (2017)

From the archives, a photo from August 2017 of the Esopus Lighthouse to celebrate National Lighthouse Day which occurs each year on August 7th.

Esopus Light After a June Storm

The remnants of rainbow with a mixture of purple, orange, pink, and magenta clouds over the Hudson River and Esopus Lighthouse after a June thunderstorm.

February Morning at Esopus Light

A black and white capture of the Hudson River’s Esopus Meadows Lighthouse on a February morning from Lighthouse Park in Ulster Park, NY.

Foggy December at Esopus Light

A monochrome shot of the Esopus Lighthouse on a foggy, rainy afternoon from Esopus Meadows Preserve in Ulster Park, NY.

Late Morning at Rondout Light

A photo of the Rondout Lightouse which was built in 1915 and which sits on the west side of the Hudson River at the entrance to Rondout Creek.

August Dawn at Esopus Lighthouse

The Esopus Lighthouse this morning, on World Photography Day, as I waited at Esopus Meadows Preserve for the sun to rise over the Hudson River.

Esopus Lighthouse in Late Fall #3

While browsing through my archives for a photo to post for National Lighthouse Day 2018, I came across this 2015 photo which I have never posted before.

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